Youth Ministry

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By Malone,

To form and strengthen the youth so that we can strive to be a richer and more productive youth ministry in our church, for our pastor, within our community and supporting Christian love. 

Meeting date:First and 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pmAchieved goals:Youth overcoming the odds conference.First church to hold McDonald’s teacher night.

Future goals:To increase the number within the youth department, more fundraising for the youth and more joint ventures with other departments.

Leader:Corey Mabry

Children’s Department

Goals: To religiously educate the children and build strong children of faith.

We strive to help our children understand Christian principles and how it impact their lives. We seek to be a large part of helping them build strong healthly lives. To assist in this goal, we hold activities at least once a month. 

Leader:Amber Lee

Children’s Church

See Sunday Worship for Schedule

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